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Enchanted West Pier

People like to sit and relax at the beach in front of the West Pier

If you've never been to Brighton in the UK, let me explain: this is what was left from a big fire in 2003, reducing a beautiful pier to ashes. Since then, it's common to see photographers shooting it, people paddling around it, or just simply contemplating as if it was a piece of art.

And it is, at least for me. Since I saw it for the first time - having just moved to Brighton in 2015 - I kinda fell in love immediately, especially during the sunset, but even more when the starlings are around. I never get tired of watching the pier.

Located at the Brighton central beach, it was opened first in 1866 - yes, it was that old - to attract visitors to the city.

In 1975 was closed for safety reasons, reopening later in 1987.

But 2003 was a catastrophic year for the West Pier. In March, weeks away from the start of the pier’s restoration, a large section was destroyed in an arson attack, and then in May, already seriously damaged by a huge storm the previous December, the Concert Hall was also set on fire. The fire still remains unexplained.

The skeletal structure was left to become a feature of Brighton’s seafront. However, its desolate beauty makes it much discussed, wondered about and photographed.

Owned by the charity company and non-profit making organisation West Pier Trust, it is said that the West Pier could be rebuilt by 2026... Fingers crossed!

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